Damian Gajewski... artist, owner & founder at DAMIANartPHOTO studio, creator of “PHOTOREFELCTIONS” project, was born in Łódź, Poland in 1978, He is an artist photographer who has been arranging his photographic projects since 1993. He successively built up his artistry while exploring places and objects found there as an inspiration for his photography creation. At the same time, he was improving his sensitivity to different aspects of art and an abstract perception of the world through his own cognitive criteria. He lived in Geneva, Switzerland and in neighboring France for a few years. During that time he became a member of Association of Geneva Photographers and he actively participated in its life while simultaneously accomplishing numerous individual photographic projects. After years of work in this field he found himself particularly captured by emotions portrayed through photography. It is reflected not only in his interesting portraits, but also in street, industrial, geometrical and in its own way abstract photography.

   Since 2022 Damian Gajewski has been an official photographer at Youth Spirit of Dance Team (Mlody Duch Tanca) created by Wieslaw Dudek and Shoko Nakamura. This unique ballet & dance project creates artistic bridges between Japan and Poland to exchange cultural and historical aspects together with young Japanese and Polish Artists.


     What is characteristic for his works, Damian Gajewski does not interfere with photos through any retouch nor image processing. This approach, however giving an impression that more could have been "squeezed out" of work, is an expression of artist's full acceptance of the surrounding world, as well as awareness of his own human imperfections and weaknesses. He believes that photography, as a beautiful means of conveying the "right here, right now" concept, can teleport us precisely to where it was taken. Thus, only non-manipulated photography can express the exact emotions of the moment of taking a picture. Damian Gajewski moved to Kobe, Japan in 2019 where he works with portrait and documentary photography. He supports Ashiya Photography Association as its member and through his engagement and determination an official and historical agreement between Ashiya Photography Association and Łódź Photographic Society (where Damian Gajewski also belongs) was possible. Within this collaboration, from 2019, exhibitions of Polish and Japanese artists are being held in both countries. It allows a deeper insight into artistic sensitivity of creators from those countries. 


    Being aware of the emotional aspect, as well as the power of artistic message, Damian Gajewski pays special attention to the collage art technique, which can be seen in his attempts to merge photography with, for example, elements of painting. Besides the visual aspect provided by photography, the artist concentrates also on the meaning of the word and its poetic complementarity. Thus, some of his works are accompanied by original poetic elements, which intentionally induces the viewer's deeper reflection of photography (and not only) through understatement and non-obviousness. All of the above creates an image of the artist and in some measure is the reflection of his life, experience and creation, which in its own way roughly defines him as a human.

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